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Precision Aluminium Die Casting Company in china

Aluminium Precision Die Casting Factory in china

Precision Aluminium Die Casting company in China

Leader of Precision Aluminum die casting Manufacturer in china; Our company dedicated to light metal die casting parts and molds making. Focused on aluminium alloy die casting services and aluminum gravity die casting, as well as Die casting die making.

As a Top OEM die casting supplier in china, we always focus on new die casting technology, improve our die casting precision(high pressure die castings),Maintain stable die casting products quality, For this goal and to match the innovation of die-casting products, we are constantly equipped with new technology die-casting production equipment, CDC visual automatic inspection equipment, and CNC machining(4 axis or 5 axis), ISO9001 and TS16949 quality certification. The die casting Products and component application on LED display,auto, Radiator, new energy electric vehicle control accessories, communication, medical equipment, home appliance furniture, household appliance, lamps and other

ISO9001/TS16949 Certificated
Auto Die Casting Parts
Die Casting Parts CNC Machining
Aluminium die casting parts Measurements
Die Casting Post Process

Aluminium Die Casting Service

As a Precision Aluminum die casting Manufacturer, we offer aluminium Die Casting Parts, CNC Machining; Die Casting tooling to Customer overworld.

Die Casting Molds design

With our Experienced Die Casting Engineer, we offer DFM, MoldFlow and Mold design to you.

Die Casting Post Process

40 sets Various CNC machine ; power coating and sand blasting line in-house, increase parts quality and control the process.

Die Casting and Mold Making

Equipped with high tech die casting machine and mold making machine. save the cost of your project Budget.


We always put quality with priority, and Equipped with CMM, X-ray detector and so on, to control the part dimension and quality.


Selected Client Work

Pressure aluminium die casting manufacturer
Pressure Die Casting

Pressure Die Casting

2500Ton High Pressure die casting machine with ADC12

Gravity die casting factory for diesel Engine
Gravity Die Casting Diesel Engine

Casting Diesel Engine

Gravity die casting with Alsi9mg

Aluminium low pressure die casting parts
Gravity Die Casting CNC tool Hook

Low Pressure Die Casting

Gravity die casting A356.2


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