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Oeform technology co.,ltd is one of the leading aluminium die casting manufacturers in china. Our product range includes high pressure die castings, aluminium die casting products,aluminum die casting mold manufacturing. All our casting products are manufactured according to international quality and safety standards, using best grade raw materials.

Now we equiped with High Pressure Precision die casting machines, the largest are 4000T LK Machine,  Rest is 1250T, 800T, 500T, 300T and so on. There are 850-1580 CNC milling machine In-house, and five sparking machines in the mold department.  40 machining centers in the product processing and a batch of post-processing equipment. The Aluminium die casting application on LED display,auto, new energy electric vehicle control accessories, communication, medical equipment, home appliance furniture, household appliance, lamps and other

Years of Custom Precision Aluminium alloy die casting products and die casting die manufacturing experience
Square meters of streamlined plant area
Hot chamber die casting Machine and Cold Chamber Die casting Machine
Precision CNC Machine for Precision Parts manufacturing
Clients staying in close cooperation

Aluminium /Zinc Die Casting Products

Some of the Aluminium die casting products and Zinc die casting products just to show you our ability and our facility

Having Aluminium Die Casting;Gravity Casting; Sand casting and water glass lost wax casting Question? Please send us Mail even you have product design Question.

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Aluminum Die Casting Mould Design MoldFlow

The Die Casting Mold Flow Report will be raised to show aluminium die casting defects , From Mold design stage to improve defects. Provide High quality Aluminium die casting Products to our customer.

ISO 9001
Magma Aluminium die casting simulation software

Start Your Die Casting Project

Never Mind even if you don’t have any experience in Aluminium Alloy Casting Area, we offer design and Material suggestion to you. we are your partner, as well as your guidance.

Diecasting part take out By Robot


You have the detail 2D and 3D mold design drawing and Mold flow analyze report from die cast mold maker.

Die casting robot hand supply material

Mold Making

Precision Aluminium Die casting equipment with Experienced technician to make sure the mold working smoothly.


International standard Material will be used. like A360; A380 and ADC12. To make your products with High quality.

Die casting mold

Quality Controll

Inspection device and dimension control will go through on whole aluminium die casting process.

Die casting Machine setting panel

Die Casting Material and Die Casting Mould Material

As a aluminum die casting components factory and aluminum die casting tooling suppliers; Aluminium Alloy material and die casting mould material be used in general. will depend on die casting mold life and aluminium alloy material choice for specific.

Aluminium Alloy MaterialDie Casting mold/ Die Material

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