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High Pressure Die Cast Mold Maker and Casting Parts Supplier introduction

Dongguan Oeform Mould (Die Casting) Co., Ltd. was established on 1999. The existing assets are 10 million yuan. The factory covers an area of nearly 5,000 square meters. The company is mainly engaged in aluminum die casting; Low pressure die casting,sand casting and Water glass casting . aluminium casting production, providing one-stop service from Die Casting mold design and Die Casting Mould manufacturing, Aluminium Post casting processes, Power spray, Painting,Sand Blasting,Anodization, Coating and so on.

There are eight existing die casting machines, the largest of which are 2500T, 1250T, 800T, 500T, 300T and so on. There are 850-1580 CNC milling machine and five sparking machines in the mold department. There are 40 machining centers in the product processing and a batch of post-processing equipment. The main die casting application on LED display, new energy electric vehicle control accessories, communication, medical equipment, home appliance furniture, lamps and other.

The High Pressure die casting company is now a tier one supplier of Decolor, Vision, Sany Heavy Industry, Varex Image and Yingweiteng. It is a secondary supplier of BYD, Huawei, and Foxconn. Companies adhering to the “quality first, service first” purpose and dedication to providing our clients with quality services.

As Leader of Aluminium Die Casting Manufacturers, we have mold department, Hot die casting department; Cold chamber die casting department; CNC workshop and assembly workshop.

Die Cast Mold Manufacturers Department:

The equipment has the 850-1580CNC milling machine, spark machine, wire cutting, Precision grinder and so on.

Die casting Machine has 88T-2500T hot and cold chamber die-casting machine, which can die-cast up to 30kg products.

Equipped with vacuum die-casting and central furnace to effectively reduce sand hole; provide high-end die-casting products.

Processing Die-casting parts, profiles, aluminum alloy prototype, zinc alloy prototype, etc.

The assembly workshop provides assembly service to save customers’ money and save costs.

ISO9001 andTS16949 been achieved. Oeform Die Casting Factory is mainly engaged in automotive parts, robots, drones, LED display, LED lamps, smart home, communication, medical equipment,.

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Zinc Die Casting Machine and Application

For some product with high requirement surface. Before the process of power spray, painting, coating and the oxidation, the surface must be repaired, refined, smoothed by polish. it need spend much manpower to do it.

Power spray workshop

Aluminium Die Casting Post Process Method
Die Casting automotive Parts Painting process

Painting room

Coating working room

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