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Aluminium Die Casting Die Design Fundamentals

    Magma Aluminium die casting simulation software

    Aluminium Die Casting Die Design Fundamentals

    What are die casting die design Factors? How to reduce cost in the die casting process?

    Die casting parts already more and more common in our normal life. whatever Aluminium die casting, Zinc die casting or Mg die casting. the die casting mold will be the key factor if the die casting parts success or not. want to make better die casting mould? today we will dig deep on the die casting die design. below point will be discussion.

    Chose Types of Aluminium die Casting.

    Advantages and disadvantages of Aluminium die Casting vs Aluminium Gravity die casting

    Aluminium Die Casting Tonnage Calculation

    Aluminium Die Casting Shrinkage

    Die casting gate area calculation.

    Aluminium Die casting simulation software

    Die casting die material

    Die casting tooling life

    Chose Types of aluminium die Casting

    Once we get customer’s drawing, we need to run the engineering check on die casting part wall thickness, and die casting part structure. it will not be suitable to use High pressure die casting. if the wall thickness is over 8mm. why? the die casting parts will have porosity exist inside if the wall thickness over 8mm. that will be effect die casting parts life.

    Types of aluminium die castingHigh pressure die castingGravity Die Casting
    General wall thickness0.5~8mm8~20mm

    Advantages and disadvantages of Aluminium die Casting vs Aluminium Gravity die casting

    Aluminium Die Casting TypesAdvantageDisadvantage
    Aluminium High Pressure Die castingThe surface of the product is good, generally it can reach Ra6.3 or even Ra1.6.


    The product has high air tightness, high casting strength and surface hardness, but low elongation.

    High production efficiency.

    It can produce thin-walled parts with small machining allowance.

    Easy have porosity exist inside of part.


    Can not Run heat treatment.

    The mold cost is high and the aluminium die Casting tooling life is short.

    Aluminium Gravity Die CastingAluminum castings have fewer porosity inside and can be heat treated.


    The product has low density and slightly poor strength, but high elongation.

    Low mold cost and long mold life.

    The process is simple and not suitable for the production of thin-walled parts

    The surface finish of the product is not high, and pits are easy to occur after shot blasting.


    Low production efficiency increases production costs.

    Aluminium Die Casting Tonnage Calculation

    The die casting machine Tonnage is indicated by the clamping force of the machine.
    Because the die-casting alloy is punched into die casting die in a “high-speed and high-pressure” state, if the die casting machine is not tightly clamped, it will cause a serious flash, causing hidden dangers of work injury; dirty scenes and poor casting quality. Therefore, the die casting machine can provide a 160 ton die force, which is called 160 ton.
    The calculation formula for Aluminium Die Casting Tonnage Calculations as follows:

    Die-casting machine clamping force (t) = 1.4 * Die Casting parts projected area * specific pressure
    Die Casting Parts Projection Area  (cm2)
    Specific pressure——choose 600 ~ 800 (Bar)
    1.4——Modulus, compensating the projected area of runners and slag wells to increase the insurance factor

    Generally, How much tonnage machine we should choosing  when design die casting mold? it is to select a die casting machine of how much tonnage by calculating the clamping force.

    Normally formula: The die casting projection area * Coefficients* Specific pressure / 1000 = clamping force 20cm * 20m = 400cm square large parts clamping force is about: 400 * 600 (casting pressure) / 1000 = 240T

    To Be Continued, we will raise some example to run projection area calculation once we got time. show some detail action. any other thing want to learn or interesting? please send a mail to me

    Aluminium Die casting simulation software

    MAGMA is The mold flow analysis software for Die casting Products, Generally we have sub contractor to run this analysis for us. through it we can conduct thermal analysis of the die casting process of the aluminium alloy die casting die. Below factor also can be analysis.

    1. The Die Casting Die cooling system can quantitatively analyse , so that we can put more efficient cooling channel to achieve better production process .

    2. Die Casting Die Gate and runner area will be analyse. to check if gate or runner size is enough for Aluminium alloy material go through.

    3. Die Casting Tonnage will be automatically calculate out.

    4.Die Casting time and Pressure will be show out.

    Die Casting Die Material

    General we will chose die casting die material according to customer’s requirement or product Quantity

    The Die Casting Die Core Material: SKD61、DAC、DH-31、8407、8418、H13、3Cr2W8V、4Cr5MoSiV、1.2344、W302, Mostly 8407 is enough, some of export mold need high capacity, the Core material also need High Grade; like H13.

    Die Casting Die Base Material: QT550、QT600、S50C

    Aluminium Die Casting Shrinkage

    The main impact on the metal material itself is not the same as the shrinkage and thermal expansion modulus, so the shrinkage is not the same. The product and the mold both need to be considered.  it depends on the specific Product structure; wall thickness and die casting part size.  wall thicker the shrinkage should be higher.

    AlloyAluminium alloyZinc AlloyMagnesium alloy
    General Shrinkage1.00551.0061.005

    Die Casting Tooling Life

    Die Casting Tooling Life is related Die casting die material ;die treatment and so on, normally for demotic die casting tooling life is 50000 shots, for the export tooling, the tooling life can be 100000 shots. the material is more expensive, and tooling price also high.


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