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Aluminium Die Castings Process; How to Make a Custom Aluminum Parts

    Aluminium Ingot

    Aluminium Die Castings process is one of Metal die casting process. different with zinc alloy , magnesium alloy die casting process, because its raw materials are very common mineral resources, its process is relatively simple, and the products produced are very popular with industrial users. therefore; aluminum products easily found in our daily lives, However, what is the exactly aluminum die castings process? How is it work? let’s discuss it today.

    Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine with Furnace
    Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

    What is Die Casting?

    Die casting is the process of casting a part from a molten metal by using a mold. The molten metal is forced into the shape of the desired part by the use of pressure and heat. The die is a large, complex piece of metal that is heated until it is very hot. The molten metal is then poured into the die and forced into the desired shape. Then the die cooled down and the part is removed. in brief, Die casting is a very reliable process and use to create many different types of parts.

    Aluminium Die Castings Process

    Three elements of die-casting

    this process need Aluminium ingot material; die casting die and high pressure die casting machine. One of these three effects is indispensable. as a die casting factory; in fact; we have to prepare aluminum ingot and die casting tooling before production.

    Aluminum Ingot Purchase

    Aluminium Ingot
    Aluminium alloy ingot

    Aluminum ingot, is the basis of our die-casting, commonly used ADC12, A380, A360; furthermore; need to use international environmental protection materials due to need to protect our environment; means we have to use ingot without prohibit components. and Meet Rohs and Reach standard.

    Die Casting Die Making

    in brief Die-casting mold is also an important factor in the die-casting process, because its good or bad, determine the quality of aluminum products, the good or bad of the post-treatment surface, so its design; Material and manufacturing quality requirements are relatively high, plus it works under high temperature for a long time. common use materiel for core and cavity is 8407 or 8418; This is why it has a higher price. In fact, it has a lifetime of 50K to 100K.

    Molten Aluminium Ingot

    Aluminium ingot Molten
    Aluminium ingot Molten

    first we need to Raise furnace temperature to around 450 degrees, Through aluminum ingot into furnace; till it molten, then remove slag from the surface

    Heat die casting Mold

    In order to prevent the mold from bursting when contacting the molten aluminum, the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, therefore, we need to heat up the die-casting mold before production. To prolong the life of the die

    Custom Part Shaped

    once the mold temperature is up; robot on machine scoops up the molten aluminum and pours it into the barrel; then pressure bar will force push molten aluminium into die casting mold and shaped.

    Cool down and Taken Out

    Aluminium Die Casting Parts Process
    Aluminium Die Casting Parts Process

    After part shaped finished and cooling down. now the part have enough hardness. then mold opened, ejector pin push the parts out.

    Debugging and Machining

    Parts out mold; normally with big sprue, gate and slag. also flash. so we need to remove these by machining.

    Polished and Finished

    once the part machining finish, next we need to run polish and finishes. common like sand blasting; power coating; painting and anodizing. as you know, it will give parts smooth, finished look. and longer lifetime for usage. after these steps; need to run full dimension inspection according to draw. make sure the parts meets customer specification.


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