What is Gravity Die Casting?

Gravity die casting, also called Permanent mould casting,  is used to manufacture casting parts from non-ferrous materials such as aluminium or low-temperature alloys. The process is used to create intricately shaped components for a wide range of industrial applications in the defence, medical and energy sectors. It involves pouring molten metal, under the force of gravity, into a preformed cast steel block which is fully machined to produce the die.

Aluminium gravity die casting step by step process animation

Aluminium Gravity die casting step by step process

Gravity die casting mold Heating

Step 1

The die is heated and then sprayed with a refractory coating, and closed. The coating both helps control the temperature of the die during manufacture and it also assists in the removal of the casting.

Melten material been poured into die

Step 2

Molten metal is then manually poured into the die, (Make sure enough molten metal been poured into).

Fullfill Die under Gravity

Step 3

The Gravity die Casting Machine tilted, Molten metal flow into whole die under Gravity. and solidify

Casting Parts holding and cooling down

Step 4

The Casting Part been hold and cool down.

Casting parts been injected out

Step 5

The Machine Rotates back, The die is then opened and the cast parts either removed by hand or in some cases ejector pins are used on the mechanised machines.

Casting Parts been Post Process

Final Step

 Remove sharp edges and excess material, like the gate, runners, slugs, sprues and flash

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