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Aluminium Extrusion products
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Aluminium profile manufacturers in china

Introduction of china aluminium extruded profile manufacturers manufacturing process

Adopt national standard 6063 6061 6005

Aluminum ingot⇒Melting furnace⇒Aluminum rod

Custom Aluminium Profile Extrusion Process

Mold design ⇒Mold manufacturing⇒ Test die profile samples ⇒Mold storage⇒ Mold heating ⇒Quality inspection

Surface treatment⇒aging⇒extruded profiles⇒packaging⇒storage

ALuminium Profile Surface treatment





⇒Spraying (powder coating) polishing

⇒Drawing dyeing

⇒Wood grain thermal transfer


Aluminium Extrusion Process

Aluminium Extrusion Process Youtube Video

Profile extrusion length: 6 – 12 meters

Cutting tolerance accuracy 0.2mm-0.5mm

Extrusion accuracy tolerance +/-0.1-1.2mm

Processing size specification 5-600mm

⇒Fine saw





⇒CNC machining