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CNC machining prototype service manufacturers

    CNC machining is a very common processing method, with the development of modern society, people have higher and higher requirements for the precision and quality of products and instruments, means that the precision of the machines we process products is also higher and higher, common CNC machining parts, mainly for the Prototype; Jig; Fixture, small batch production, custom parts, etc. what is CNC? How is it work? as a CNC Machining prototype service manufacturers, we have fluent experience handle prototype fabrication and custom parts with various material; today we will discuss more detail on CNC machining everything. let’s keep reading.

    What is CNC Machining

    CNC full name: Computer numerical control; Means computer digital control precision machining, include CNC lathe machine, CNC milling machine, CNC boring machine. current; with developed of machine; many high precision and expensive machine appeared. we imported some high accuracy equipment, such as 4 Axis and 5 axis CNC equipment. can produce prototype, custom goods and cnc machining services to our customer.

    CNC machining prototype service manufacturers
    CNC machining prototype service manufacturers

    CNC Machining manufacturing process

    1.Material Purchase

    Choose right Material with great material specification, cooperate with long-term material vendor, will save time and cost. due to some of material block have pore holes and defect inside of material, cause whole block material not meet customer request and dimension. normally, we have fluent experience handling below material CNC machining services.

    MetalsSteel/Stainless steelTitaniumAluminumZincMagenisumCopper/Brass
    CNC machining material

    2. CNC machining programming

    Current industry stage,as a metal fabricator; CNC machining programming is very important part, it required the technician must have fluent experience to handle prototype making process. also have fully understand cnc machining tool, so that can understand, which tool can match the process. how it can save time and cost. how it work can make the jig more easy to make.

    CNC machining programming
    CNC Machining programming

    3. CNC Machining Manufacturing

    Once we set programming, and located material block on machine, we can start running the prototype manufacturing, it will automatically run according preset router.

    4. Prototype Dimension inspection

    We need run full dimension report according customer drawing, after prototype been made out. and study which dimension out of tolerance. and send inspection report to customer for approval. CNC prototype not like die casting parts, it will be very accuracy. most dimension can control within 0.10mm.

    Prototype Dimension inspection
    Prototype Dimension inspection

    5. Post Process

    Each prototype have different post process, this process have complicated relation with outer resource. it will include Power coating, Sand blasting, Anodizing, Helicon, Welding and so on. need to check the drawing carefully and run the post process step by step.

    CNC Machining Application

    When machining complex-shaped parts, there are often many processes, requiring a variety of conventional machine tools and a variety of fixtures, so what kind of parts can be machined on CNC machining manufacturing?

    Customized complex parts
    Small batch parts
    Complex curved parts
    Prototype parts for new products

    For example, Various impellers, wind turbines, spherical surfaces, various curved molds, propellers, propellers for underwater vehicles; Actually, The CNC machining has wide adaptability and high flexibility. If you want to change the machining object, just compile and input a new program to realize the machining.

    CNC Machining Adavantages and disadvantages.


    Cut Process

    Reduce the number of tooling in a large number, processing the shape of complex parts do not need complex tooling.

    High accuracy

    Stable machining quality, high machining accuracy, high repeatability, adapt to the processing requirements of the aircraft.

    Small Batch

    Small batch production under high productivity, can reduce production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection time, and due to the use of the best cutting volume and reduce the cutting time.

    Complex Parts

    Can be processed by conventional methods difficult to process the complex surface, and even processing some un-observable processing parts.


    Expensive Machining

    CNC machining is expensive; Maintenance fee is high.

    Higher Requirement on Technician

    Higher requirement on programming technician, higher salary with fluent experience, and familiar with programming software.

    Cost Higher

    Processing small batch goods, programming time spent more, not cost-effective.

    Die Casting CNC workshop
    CNC Workshop


    We have equipped with 40 sets various precision 4 axis and 5 axis CNC machine, besides running cnc for die casting parts, we also run for prototype and various machining service. with our experienced engineer and high precision device. we can handle various complex prototype and jig for you. please contact us now if you have similar project need to run.


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