Die-casting mold is one of the key factors for the success of die-casting products. A good die-casting mold design can reduce investment costs and extend mold life. To do a good job in die-casting mold design, we must start from the following aspects. Today lets dig into this topic.

Die Casting Meaning and definition.

Die Casting also called as High Pressure die casting, molten alloy liquid is poured into a press chamber, the cavity of a steel mold is filled at high speed, and the alloy liquid is solidified under pressure to form a casting. The main characteristics of die casting are high pressure and high speed.

Type of Metal alloyTempreture of MoltenShrinkage
Aluminium alloy600-7000.6%
Zinc alloy400-4500.5%
Magnesium alloy640-7000.5%

Die casting design

Die Casting part design need to be pay attention to. Such as, Even wall thickness, Good Draft Angle. Boss and Hole design all these need to be check one by one. These will define die casting mold success or not. We Can run DFM(Design For Manufacturing) to check. It can predict the problems of products and molds in the die-casting process, as well as the preventive measures we can take. It will be great tool for die casting design beginner. Suggest to use it on daily die casting parts design stage.

Die Casting Mold Design

Die Casting Mold Material

The mold core steel is H13, SKD61 or 8407, and the heat treatment is generally to HRC48-52, which is basically the same as the plastic injection mold

Die Casting Mold Layout

Die Casting Mold layout is generally symmetrical, and the gate is generally eccentrically inserted from the side on cold chamber die Casting, and the product is at least 40mm away from the mould die edge.

Die casting Divider

The Die casting Divider is generally higher than 30mm, and the draft angle is 5 degrees on single side. The standard size is generally 50mm in diameter.


Die-casting trapezoidal runner is generally 20-30mm wide, 8-10mm depth,  15-20 degrees with single-side draft angle, bottom make radius R2-3. Generally, the runner will be made on Core side, , it can be made on cavity side, when there have 4 sliders on 4 direction. The common ones are fan-shaped, T-shaped. They are often made some steps for the purpose of changing the speed and improving the quality.

Draft Angle

die-casting product must have a minimum of 1 degree draft angle;  and a minimum of 2 degrees for hole.

Cooling Channel

Die Casting Mold cooling Channel is generally 20-25mm away from the product, at least 15mm. Otherwise, water lines will appear on the product.

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