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Gravity Die Casting Diagram

    Aluminium low pressure die casting parts

    Gravity die casting is an improved process based on sand casting because it is more efficient, has a better casting surface, and also improves the obvious defects of sand casting,But because it is a heavy industry, the applications are not as varied as die casting, which makes it less accessible.

    In today’s article, we will talk about gravity die casting diagram, use some photo to show how the process working.

    gravity die casting diagram

    What is Gravity Die Casting?

    Pouring Molten metal into pre-built casting dies, under gravity force. the molten metal fill into the casting dies naturally. the get the desired casting parts. this process called Gravity die casting. also named permanent mold casting and chill casting. we ever discussed it on previous blog “Gravity Die Casting

    How is it working? below is Gravity die casting diagram

    what is the process working look like? how is the working steps; lets use some diagram to show you the process.

    1. Molten metal, the furnace will be side of machine, need to heat the metal to be liquid. for examples, aluminium casting, normally we use material A356, molten degree will be around 650 degree.
    2. Heat sand core, some of complex parts need put sand core inside dies. to avoid temperature change rapid. we have to heat the sand core in advance.
    3. Heat the dies(see below picture). to avoid dies crack due the dies temperature change rapidly. Normally we will heat the dies to be around 280 degree. it will help to increase dies life.
    Gravity die casting mold Heating

    4. Take molten metal from furnace by Ladle, pouring it into dies feeder. see below picture.

    Melten material been poured into die

    5. Machine tilt, the molten metal filling into dies naturally by gravity force.

    Fullfill Die under Gravity

    6. The Casting Parts been hold in die solidified and cool down.

    Casting Parts holding and cooling down

    7. Machine rotate back, Dies open, Casting parts be took out.

    Casting parts been injected out

    8. Cut the gate, flash, debug the defects. and send out for heat treatment.

    9. CNC Machining.

    10. Inspection and Pack.

    Through this diagram, you can understand how is Gravity die Casting working. we are professional Gravity die Casting foundry. combine with our CNC machine technology, we can make most of Gravity die casting parts. if you have more questions please contact us through below button.


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