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Gravity Die Casting

    gravity die casting foundry

    Gravity die Casting plays an increasingly important role, many daily life machine base, engines, tractors, cars components are produced with gravity die casting process, so what exactly is this casting process? How does it work? What does it apply to? Today we will discuss in depth.keep reading.


    Gravity Die Casting also called Permanent mold casting or chill casting. meaning pouring molten metal into steel mold, under gravity, the molten metal fill the cavity naturally. and get the casting parts.

    gravity die casting


    we ever post a blog on detail gravity die casting process step by step. mainly step include below.

    1. Molten metal, such as aluminium, we need put ingot into furnace, and heat to 650 degree around.
    2. Pre-heat mold, make the mold temperature to around 280 degree.
    3. Heat the sand core.
    4. Spray coating on mold surface. to achieve better roughness of casting parts. also increase mold life.
    5. Cooling down and solidified. get the casting parts.
    6. Sew the gate and flash. fix defects.
    7. Shot Blasting, achieve better surface.
    8. Heat treatment. Casting parts can Run T6 Heat teatment.
    9. CNC machining
    10. Inspection and Pack.
     aluminium gravity die casting products


    MaterialsMainly Aluminum alloys, also copper, magnesium and zinc alloys.

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    1. Wide range of applications for machines, motors, engines, robotsA. Low efficiency, manual operation.
    2. Suit for complex structure Products, Better mechanical and physical properties than sand castingB. Low precision, later CNC workload is relatively large.
    3. Suit for thick-walled products.
    4. Run T6 heat treatment,Less Porosity.
    5. Diversified surface treatment
    6. Surface roughness achieve Ra 3.2


    Most permanent mold casting parts used on Automotive, Tractor, Medical equipment. Defense and Engine and so on.


    Chill casting is a relatively inefficient process. As a professional gravity die casting factory, we rely on our CNC machines to make satisfactory custom products, please contact us if you have a similar product to develop.


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