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Gravity Die Casting Manufacturers

What is aluminium gravity Die casting ?

Aluminium Gravity casting is a permanent mold die castings process, normally someone also call it low pressure die casting; it is one type of metal die casting process. furthermore A process for casting a molten metal into a mold to obtain a casting products. Since a metal type mold can be poured hundreds to thousands of times,Therefore, metal casting mold need to be reusable; that’s point difference with sand casting.

Metal casting is suitable for large batches production of non-ferrous alloy castings; such as aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys with complex shapes, and also suitable for the production of castings, ingots, etc. for steel and with metal insert.

The molten Aluminium alloy material is usually poured into the die by hand, relying on the weight of the molten metal. Filled with cavity, Venting, Cooling, Mold opening to get products, You can find the Aluminium gravity die casting process step by step

Aluminium Gravity Die Casting Process Flow Chart

Pre-heating⇒Melting⇒Filling⇒Venting⇒Cooling⇒ Mold opening⇒Eject Parts⇒heat treatment⇒CNC and post processing

Aluminium Gravity Die Casting Youtube Video


Aluminum Alloy Casting Prouducts

With Gravity die casting process, can achieve better surface, less porosity and high quality casting parts.

Aluminium Gravity Die Casting Common Material

As a Top lead Aluminium Gravity die casting foundry, The aluminium gravity die casting materials we familiar with as below, the Chemical Properties also as below table.

ZL101A(Alsi7mg); ZL104(Alsi9mg); ZL107(Alsi7cu4/Lm21); 319.0; Ac4cH; A356.2

MaterialSi CuFe MnMgZn SnPbTi Al
ZL101A6.5~7.5≤0.10.000~ 0.200≤0.100.25~0.45≤0.1≤0.01≤0.030.08-0.20BAL
ZL1076.5~7.53.5-4.50.000~ 0.500≤0.3≤0.1≤0.3≤0.01≤0.05N/ABAL
ZL1048.0-10.5≤0.10.000- 0.6000.2-0.50.17-0.35≤0.25≤0.01≤0.01≤0.15BAL

As a aluminum casting foundry in china, we not only focus on aluminum casting, but also CNC machining and post process. aluminium casting out is only the first step. also need to pay attention to CNC machining; heat treatment and surface finishing. with our equipped CNC machining ; we can improve the casting parts precision.


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