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China aluminium die casting parts Supplier

China Aluminium Die Casting Parts Suppliers

As a Leading china aluminium die casting parts exporter and suppliers, our main business include Aluminium die casting parts manufacturing ; Zinc die casting parts manufacturing; and die casting die making. due to well equiped with cold chamber die casting machine; hot chamber die casting machine; and mouldroom. we can provide competitive price with high quality Aluminium and zinc die casting products to our customer. our die casting application include automotive, LED, Medical and industry.

Equipment and Process in-houseNumber
High Pressure Die Casting Machine(HPDC Aluminium)8 sets(From 300Ton to 3500Ton)
Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine(Zinc)4 sets(From 120Ton to 400Ton)
Die Casting Die Manufacturering (in-house)Equipped with CNC and Spark Machine
CNC Milling Machine 30 sets (From 850T-1580T)
Sand Blasting Line(in-house)1 line
Power Coating and Anodizing (Sub-contractor)N/A
Plant Area20000SQM
Tilted Gravity Die Casting Machine2 sets
CMM Inspection Device1 sets

China HPDC Die Casting Manufacturers

High Pressure Aluminium die Casting Ingots

We use international standard Aluminium alloy ingots, To make sure the High pressure Aluminium die casting parts been produced to meet customer’s requirment.

Aluminium die casting Furnace

Aluminium Die casting furnace, To reduce chance of techinician to be hurt. Improve Die casting efficiency.

High Pressure Aluminium die Casting Machine

Equipped with 2500Ton Aluminium die casting machine, can produce maximum 32kg aluminium die casting parts.

High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Mould Manufacturing

Aluminium Die casting die factory, we also export various custom Aluminium die casting die for foreign customer over world.

High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting Products

30sets branded CNC, so that we can do various post-casting process.like machining, Tap thread and so on.

high pressure aluminium die casting techniques

Our die casting machine include high pressure die casting machine and hot chamber die casting Machine(Zinc die casting machine). from 300Ton-2500Ton.

Quality and Packaging

Each Batch aluminium die casting parts or aluminium die casting die, we both will run full dimension report, Meet customer’s Aluminium die casting specification is our goal. we like to work with our customer to improve our quality standard.

Your Aluminium die casting products and aluminium die casting tooling both will be packed properly. to reduce the chance any damage during transportation.

inspection systems for aluminum die castings

Any Question on High Pressure die Casting, we looking forward to hearing from you!

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High Pressure Die Casting Application

Various used on Auto parts(like Tesla Vichle, some of car component are made by HPDC); LED House, Consumer Product, Rotor,Radiators,Connectors, Cookware,Heat sink. and so on.

High Pressure Die Casting Process step by step

High Pressure Die Casting Surface Finish

The surface treatment of aluminum die casting is generally: powder spraying (i.e. powder spraying), Coating, oil spraying, oxidation Anodizing, sand blasting, electroplating, etc. According to the thickness of the product surface treatment, the degree of finish is different to be divided.

Power Spray

Powder spraying is the use of powder spraying equipment to spray powder coating onto the surface of the workpiece, under the action of electrostatic force, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, forming a powder-like coating. Powder coating after high temperature baking leveling curing, into the final coating of different kinds of powder coating effect; powder spraying effect in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc. better than the spray paint process, the cost is also under the same effect of spray paint. Powder spraying, roughly divided into outdoor powder and indoor powder. The texture can be adjusted to a variety of a variety of effects, like glossy, sand, foam, etc.


the Coating process is to use aluminum alloy phosphating after spraying, spraying and then baking, so that the coating is not only anti-corrosion and bright wear-resistant, not easy to fall off.Surface pretreatment: oil removal, washing, rust removal, washing, table conditioning, washing, phosphating, washing, washing and drying.
The purpose of pretreatment of Coating is to get a good coating, because the above stamping parts will have grease, oxide rust, dust, rust and corrosion on the surface during manufacturing, processing and handling, preservation, etc. If not removed will directly affect the performance of the coating film, appearance, etc., so the pretreatment occupies an extremely important position in the coating process.

Oil Spray

Oil spraying is the name of the surface coating processing of industrial products, oil spraying processing is generally specialized in plastic oil spraying, screen printing, pad printing processing; EVA, rubber and other shoe materials, color change, screen printing. We have spraying line, screen printing line, pad printing machine and other equipment, and can produce high temperature resistance, friction resistance, UV resistance, alcohol resistance, gasoline resistance and other products according to customer requirements. Processing range: electronic products: ordinary spray paint, PU paint, rubber paint (feel paint), can spray injection molding processing encountered difficult to solve the problem, such as air lines, fusion seams, etc., with spray rubber paint (feel paint) experience, with feel paint rework technology.

Oxidation Anodizing

Aluminum alloy surface oxidation, suitable for making conductive oxidation, aluminum or aluminum profiles, suitable for anodic oxidation.
Aluminum alloy oxidation color generally has a natural color, sky blue. Anodic oxidation is carried out under the condition of high voltage electricity, it is a kind of electrochemical reaction process; conductive oxidation does not need electricity, but only needs to soak in the potion, it is a pure chemical reaction. Anodic oxidation takes a long time, often several minutes, while conductive oxidation takes only a few dozen seconds.

Sand Blasting

A layer of fine sand is sprayed on the surface of aluminum alloy products to enhance the friction coefficient of the contact surface, which can enhance the reliability of the connection. The sand has different thickness and texture.


Electroplating is the process of using electrolysis to deposit metal or alloy on the surface of the workpiece to form a uniform, dense and well-bonded metal layer, which is called electroplating. In simple understanding, it is a physical and chemical change or combination. The application of electroplating process we generally make the following uses: anti-corrosion, protective decoration, anti-scratch.

High Pressure Die Casting Advantage and Disadvantage


  1. Widely used in mass production, the production process can be easily mechanized and automated to produce precision, thin-walled and complex products.
  2.  Multiple surface finishes, High quality, Non Ferrous light Metal.
  3. High mechanical properties of die casting


  1. The mold cost is expensive because the mold needs high strength steel that is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, resulting in high cost
  2. The die casting is easy to produce porosity. Due to the die-casting metal melt to fill the mold cavity at a very high rate, and the mold material and no permeability, the general die-casting method of production of die castings are prone to pores. Due to the existence of pores make die casting can not be heat treatment methods to improve the strength and use at high temperatures; at the same time, the machining allowance of the parts can not be too large, otherwise it will remove the die casting surface hardening layer, making the surface near the pores exposed die casting surface.
  3. not suitable for small batch production. Die-casting type complex, costly, so generally only suitable for larger quantities of production.
  4.  Die casting high melting point alloy when the die life is low.
  5. High Pressure die casting parts can not run Heat Treatment, Due to inside of tiny porosity.

High Pressure Die Casting Tool Design

Because of the high melting point temperature of aluminum and zinc in die casting, both over 400 degrees, we are required to consider many aspects in the design of the die degree

Die Casting Tolerances

over 0.03mm

Die Casting Wall Thickness

The minimum wall thickness of current zinc alloy die-casting aluminum parts can reach 0.3mm; aluminum alloy casting can reach 0.5mm

Die Casting Draft Angle

Normally the draft angle For die casting is 3 degree