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China aluminium die casting parts Supplier

Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting Manufacturers Introduction

As a Leading High pressure die casting manufacturers in china, our main business include Aluminium die casting parts manufacturing ; Zinc die casting parts manufacturing; and die casting die making. due to well equiped with cold chamber die casting machine; hot chamber die casting machine; and moudroom. we can provide competitive price with high quality Aluminium and zinc die casting parts to our customer. our die casting application include automotive, LED, Medical and industry.

Equipment and Process in-houseNumber
High Pressure Die Casting Machine8 sets(From 300Ton to 2500Ton)
Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine4 sets(From 120Ton to 400Ton)
Die Casting Die Manufacturering (in-house)Equipped with CNC and Spark Machine
CNC Milling MachineĀ 30 sets (From 850T-1580T)
Sand Blasting Line(in-house)1 line
Power Coating and Anodizing (Sub-contractor)N/A
Plant Area20000SQM
Tilted Gravity Die Casting Machine2 sets
CMM Inspection Device1 sets

Our Die Casting Machine and Equipment

aluminium die casting alloy ingots material ADC12

We use international standard Aluminium alloy ingots, To make sure the High pressure Aluminium die casting parts been produced to meet customer’s requirment.

aluminium die casting holding furnace for aluminium ingot

Aluminium Die casting furnace, To reduce chance of techinician to be hurt. Improve Die casting efficiency.

die casting company Aluminium Die Casting Machine

Equipped with 2500Ton Aluminium die casting machine, can produce maximum 32kg aluminium die casting parts.

Aluminium Die casting tooling mould Room

Aluminium Die casting die factory, we also export various custom Aluminium die casting die for foreign customer over world.

die casting products manufacturing company list

30sets branded CNC, so that we can do various post-casting process.like machining, Tap thread and so on.

high pressure aluminium die casting techniques

Our die casting machine include high pressure die casting machine and hot chamber die casting Machine(Zinc die casting machine). from 300Ton-2500Ton.

Quality and Packaging

Each Batch aluminium die casting parts or aluminium die casting die, we both will run full dimension report, Meet customer’s Aluminium die casting specification is our goal. we like to work with our customer to improve our quality standard.

Your Aluminium die casting products and aluminium die casting tooling both will be packed properly. to reduce the chance any damage during transportation.

inspection systems for aluminum die castings