Hot Chamber Die Casting Can be used with Zinc, Magnesium and other low melting alloys. with our Multi-slide Machine and Conventional tooling. our parts various used on Communication, Medical, Connector, industry.

What is Die Casting

Die casting is a metal casting process that uses high pressure to inject molten metal into a mold. after cooling and solid. the parts been take out. the die casting die are usually made of higher-strength alloys, and this process is somewhat similar to plastic injection molding. Most die castings are iron-free, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin, and lead-tin alloys and their alloys. Depending on the type of die casting.

Type of die casting

Die-casting machines are generally divided into 2 type die casting process, one is a cold chamber die casting, and the other is hot chamber die casting . based on which matel will be used. Today we want to talk about latter one.

The Components of The Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine and Process

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine with Furnace

The die is closed and the piston rises. Opening the port, allowing molten matal to fill the cylinder.

Hot chamber die casting process

Next, The Plunger seals the port, Pushing the molten metal through the gooseneck and Nozzle into the die cavity. until it be solid and cooling down.

Hot chamber die casting die tooling

After cooling the dies open, the Die casting Parts will be remains on core side(Moving side), due to stress. The plunger then returns, allowing residual molten metal to flow back through the nozzle and gooseneck.

Zinc hot chamber die casting manufacturer

Ejector pins push the casting out of the ejector die. As the plunger uncovers the filling hole, molten metal flows through the inlet to refill the gooseneck.

Zinc and magenesium Die casting process

Zinc & Magnesium Pressure Die Casting Company

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Muti-slider die Casting Machine

Advantages and disadvantages of die casting
Die casting can achieve light, thin-walled and stable castings, and has high dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Since it is produced automatically in a permanent mold with a high cycle sequence, the die casting process is very economical in mass production.

>> Suitable for complex thin-walled parts (> 0.05)
>> High dimensional precision and high process stability
>> Lightweight, high stability
>> Smooth surface and edges
>> Excellent processing performance
>> High thermal conductivity
>> Good conductivity
>> Corrosion and weather resistance
>> A variety of surface treatments are possible
>> Low unit price for larger series
>> Reduce relatively high tool costs through optimized tooling structure on demand

zinc die casting machine
Zinc and Mg die casting parts

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