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Mold Release Agent During Die Casting Process

    aluminium die casting holding furnace for aluminium ingot

    Die-casting Release Agent Composition

    Water-based die casting release agentRaw material Ratio(mass)
    Stearyl phosphate8
    Oleic acid13
    Stearic acidN/A
    Sorbitan monooleate6

    Function of Release Agent or Lubricant For Die Casting

    In die-casting production, in order to improve the service life of mold cavity, punch, and make die casting smoothly, to ensure that the surface of die casting is smooth, the outline is complete and clear, need to use some auxiliary materials, such as mold release agent, punch lubricant, etc.

    the role of die casting release agent:
    1. in the high temperature state has good lubricating properties;
    2. the mold to play a cooling effect, adjust the temperature of various parts of the mold to achieve relative stability, off to improve the quality of castings and production efficiency.
    3. To avoid the direct impact of metal liquid on the mold, improve the working conditions of the mold:
    4. Prevent sticky mold
    5. Reduce the friction between the casting and the forming part of the mold (especially the core) and the wear of the core and cavity, prolonging the life of the mold and improving the surface quality of the casting.

    The requirements of die casting release agent:
    1.  low volatility point, at 100-150C, diluent can quickly evaporate, not increase the gas in the cavity:
    2. Good coating, no buildup, can form a film layer at high temperature, and easy to clean up
    3. No corrosive effect on mold and casting;
    4. Pollution to the environment can be as small as possible, that is, odorless, no precipitation or decomposition of harmful gases;
    5. stable performance, not volatile in the air, preservation period, no precipitation, no decomposition
    6. Simple preparation process;
    7. rich sources, low price.

    Die casting release agents should generally give priority to the use of water-based release agents, because it has a low cost, easy to volatile characteristics, and in addition to the role of mold release can also play a role in regulating the mold temperature, and is easy to prepare, etc..

    In the use of mold release agent, whether spraying or brushing, are not too thick and can not be uneven thickness, after the diluent evaporates to die die casting, so as to avoid the cavity or pressure chamber gas volume increase and the possibility of the castings produced porosity, to avoid the formation of high counter pressure due to the increase in gas, making forming difficulties. In use should always be a wangli exhaust system, to avoid the exhaust system lost due to the clogging of the release agent, at the same time to avoid the turn, the convex corner of the release agent accumulation, so as not to cause the outline of the die casting is not clear.


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