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What is permanent Mold casting? How you can Benefit from it.

    Pressure aluminium die casting manufacturer

    Permanent Mold casting is very common process. It have four types; include gravity, Low pressure, Slush and Vacuum; different types process suit for different shape parts; like Low pressure is mainly suit for car wheel; as a china gravity die casting factory. we will discuss more detail on this process.

    permanent Mold casting

    What is permanent Mold casting?

    Permanent mold casting include gravity die casting; is a process for producing metal castings with steel mold; the steel mold can be reused over 50000 times; due to the mold need to withstand high temperature; normally we choose hot work die-steel for it. with it we can run large volume production.

    The casting process simply involves pouring molten metal into a mold; after it cools and solidifies.
    then steel mold is opened, casting parts been removed, one whole process cycle is finished. the mold is reused.

    Gravity die casting vs die casting

    Permanent mould casting also called Gravity die casting; is complete different with die casting, they use different types machine. die casting machine is much more expensive than gravity. and the ingot also different. such as aluminium gravity die casting use A356, and die casting use ADC12.

    Which is the main purpose of using Permanent mold casting?

    • On aluminium parts design stage; we need parts high stronger without porosity; that means we need to make the wall thickness thicker, normally thicker than 8mm; pressure die casting can not produce it; even can produce it. there have much tiny porosity inside of part, it will effect parts Strength. therefore, Permanent mold casting can complete avoid these defects.
    • Current many aluminium casting parts need heat treatment; such as T6; die casting parts can not run the T6 heat treatment. due to the tiny porosity will crack after heating. Gravity die casting can produce casting without porosity.
    • Some industry part need high yield strength. Gravity die casting parts can achieve higher yield strength, such as yield strength of aluminium castings with A356 is 216Mpa.
    • Since Permanent mold casting use steel mold. casting parts more precision with better surface roughness, it will be much better then sand casting.


    Permanent mold casting parts most used on Robots, diesel, Engine, truck & motorcycle parts and medical and so on.

    What you need to pay attention to when you run casting project?

    Gravity die casting is low investment with higher workable process; many factory can run it; but if you want to run a gravity die casting parts successful; also need pay attention to CNC machining; it is very critical key in whole process; casting part is less precision; need to run CNC machining to increase its accuracy; that will need factory to better ability and control on CNC Machining.


    Gravity die casting can produce complex with thicker wall parts. also can run various surface treatment, such as heat treatment; sand blasting; welding; and power coating. we are permanent mold casting factory in china; focus on aluminium gravity die casting, we have in-house CNC machining with 40 4-axis or 5-axis; also long-term sub-contractor for post processing. please contact us now if you have gravity die casting project need to run.


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