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Sand Casting Process Diagram

    sand casting mold

    Sand casting is a very old traditional process. also, very common in daily life. how is sand casting process working? today lets discuss die casting process diagram in detail.

    What is sand casting?

    Sand casting is a casting method; Pouring molten metal into sand mold. after cool down, get the casting parts. Steel, iron and most non-ferrous alloy castings can use sand casting method.

    as you know; sand casting have many advantages. for example:

    A. Sand casting is inexpensive;

    B. Easy-to-use molding materials.

    C. Very easy to manufacture;

    whatever prototype or mass production; all can use Sand casting process. It has been a fundamental process in casting production for a long time.

    Sand Casting Process Diagram

    1. Producing The Pattern – Desired Product

    The pattern will use many times. as similar as desired parts. before machining; only need add proper shrinkage on it.

    2.Producing The Pattern – Gates And Risers: The Metal Delivery System

    Gate/Risers are important for casting process. first; calculate gate size. and make sure it is bigger enough, so that the molten metal can fill it quickly. as you know; the molten metal will cool down very quickly.

    3. Molten metal material.

    Most of metal can use sand casting; Like steel, Iron, Aluminium, Zinc, Brass and so on. need to heat them to molten stage.

    Sand casting process diagram

    4. Sand Casting Mold building

    the mold have 2 pieces; Put the Pattern into sand casting frame; filling it with sand. then will get first half piece. see below

    Sand casting mold process diagram

    in the same way, we can get another pieces

    5. Pouring Metal into mold

    once mold building finish. we close the mold. meanwhile, we pouring molten metal into mold.

    6. Shakeout

    After cool down and solidified. normally we need to natural cool down. it will take over 2 hours. break the sand casting mold. and get the casting parts.

    7. Post Process

    Cut the gate, risers and runners. we can run other post process; for examples; sand blasting, heat treatment, Grinding, CNC machining. to get the precision and nice appearance parts.


    Sand casting is an economical; fast way to realize products. But it also has many disadvantages, such as low precision, bad quality, etc. So when you choose it, you should not only consider its advantages, but also pay attention to whether its disadvantages will affect your products


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