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The advantages and disadvantages of sand casting

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    Sand Casting is very traditional process, In ancient China, there have many products already used this process to produce goods; they can use kind of material(like gold, iron,Brass, Aluminium and so on) to produce various products, till now it still use on many industry area. like many Machine equipment base, what is advantages and disadvantages of sand casting? today let us dig it out.


    Advantages of Sand castingDisadvantages of Sand casting
    Simple production processHandmade process
    Low cost Casting moldsLow strength
    Lower production costsLow dimensional accuracy
    Wider material choiceRough surface quality
    High complexity shapesMore casting defects
    Short lead timeUnstable casting quality

    Advantages of Sand casting


    Simple production process


    Use common Sand make mould or Pattern out. and ouring into Melten metal liquid into mould or pattern. after cool down, take the part out.


    Low cost Casting molds


    the Mould or pattern most is square one. it is simple with low cost.


    Lower production costs


    this process is good for low volume with very thick wall parts. and part price will not expensive.


    Wider material choice


    there have many material can choice, like iron, steel, Aluminium, Brass and so on, only the sand foundry have this material.


    Short lead time


    From make mould or pattern out to Product been casting out, it will take short lead time.


    Disadvantages of Sand casting


    Handmade process


    Manpower to Monitor and controll this whole casting process.  will cause unstable quality.


    Low strength


    Sand casting is pouring molten material into by hand. no pressure. cause the part inside is loose. and easy to have porosity defects. it is different with Gravity Die Casting and High Pressure Die Casting.


    Low dimensional accuracy & Rough surface quality


    due to this process is use Sand core to make parts out, cause the casting parts surface is rough, also dimension is not precision, some of the dimension have to use CNC to Machine.


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