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The difference between pressure and gravity die casting

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    Pressure die casting and Gravity die Casting both common processes of casting; As an aluminium Fabricator in china;  we are experienced to handled pressure die casting and permanent mold casting in our factory;  therefore today we will talk about the difference between pressure and gravity die Casting. Also the advantages and disadvantages of each.




    High Pressure die Casting


    Under die casting machine force;  first push the molten metal liquid into the mold cavity;  second get the die casting parts after they cool down and open the die; as been noted There are 2 types of pressure die casting methods; for example Hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting. however they use different machines and different materials. such as aluminium die casting, Zinc die Casting, Magnesium die casting. See Pressure die casting Process.


    Gravity Die Casting


    first the molten aluminum liquid is poured into the die made in advance, and then the Gravity die casting machine is tilted, second the aluminum liquid slowly fills the cavity under the action of gravity; final the casting parts cool down and solid;  in brief this process called Gravity die Casting Process


    Pressure and Gravity Die Casting Material


    As i said; Different processes use different materials, besides need depend on material flow, mechanical, resistance, surface treatment; equally important depending on the function and effect. Pressure and gravity die casting also use different materials. Pressure die casting common use material such as ADC12 ADC10 and A380.Gravity die casting common use material such as A356.2, Alsi9mg, ZL101,ZL201


    Advantage and Disadvantage


    Advantage of Pressure Die Casting


    1. wide range of applications. High Precision
    2. can be made for complex structure of products
    3. thin-walled products, widely used in cell phones and automobiles
    4. fast reproduction, high yield
    5. High efficiency, high mechanization, High Volume
    6. Diversified surface treatment methods
    7. Surface roughness achieve Ra 3.2
    8. Pressure die casting parts hardness can achieve 25-30 shore

    Disadvantage of Pressure Die Casting


    1. Larger investment, more expensive molds, suitable for large quantities of products
    2. Easy to produce Porosity inside the product, not suitable for heat treatment

    Advantage of Gravity Die Casting

    1.Wide range of applications for machines, motors, engines, robots

    2. Suit for complex structure Products

    3. Suit for thick-walled products.

    4. Run T6 heat treatment

    5.  Diversified surface treatment

    6. Surface roughness achieve Ra 3.2

    7. Less Porosity.


    Disadvantage of Gravity Die Casting


    1. Low efficiency, manual operation.
    2. Low precision, later CNC workload is relatively large.

    When choosing which process to produce the product, the choice is mainly based on the wall thickness of the workpiece. When the wall thickness of the product is thicker than 6mm, die casting will cause a lot of porosity inside the wall, so thicker products can be Manufactured by gravity die casting. don’t know how to choose it? Let our Export engineering team give some advice on it. 



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